Skin Tightening

When looking in the mirror at your aging face, it will always be appealing to see what you could look like with just a slight pull of your skin on your face.

If this ‘slight pull’ is what makes you look better, than you will benefit from skin tightening procedures.

Why does the skin loosen and become less elastic?

Your collagen fibers in your skin are your ‘skeleton’ of your skin that keeps it in place. The elastin fibers in your skin provide elasticity (bounce back capability) of the skin and the hyaluronic acid gives fullness and plumpness to the skin. All of these aspects important for the youthfulness of the skin reduces with age and leads to skin sagging, less elasticity and dullness of the skin.

The collagen fibers do not only reduce in quantity but also stretches due to gravity’s effect on the skin and weight fluctuations.

Skin tightening devices aims to stimulate new collagen formation, but also contracts collagen fibers (tighten up) with various technologies inducing heat in the collagen fibers.

The various treatments available on the market include radiofrequency devices, infrared light therapies as well as certain laser treatments such as fractional laser treatments. The efficacy of these treatment technologies depends on the quality of the device’s technology, the depth of penetration into the skin and the strength or power utilized during the treatments. Treatments are also operator dependant and side effects can be minimized with a good pre- and post treatment regime prescribed by the doctor. It is important to have this treatment with a qualified doctor who understands the various aspects of skin ageing, understands your skin type and how your skin will react. This way, the treatment results will be maximized and the possible complications minimized.

Fractional laser treatments are effective to obtain skin texture improvement and skin tightening.

Radio frequency treatments penetrate the deepest into the skin and tissue underneath, so this treatment will give you the ‘deepest’ lifting with tightening of skin as well as the fat under the skin. This treatment is ideal for tightening of the contours of the face, the neck as well as for body tightening- arms, stomach and buttocks or legs. Radiofrequency is very safe and requires no recovery period.

Infrared light treatment is also a no-recovery period treatment to tighten loose skin on the face and body.

Other treatments with effective skin tightening are chemical peels and rejuvenating or anti-aging mesotherapy. These treatments also have the benefit of improving the overall appearance of the skin and other ageing changes on the skin.